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  • What is it like working with you?
    During the shoot, it’s my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible (and to have fun!). I’ll guide you and direct you and give you things to do (so you don’t have to ask “what do I do with my hands?”). We’re going to MOVE a lotttt. I like bringing motion into the shoot because I believe that motion equals emotion and ultimately makes everything look and feel much more natural. Your only job is to show up with an open mind and keep smiling!
  • How many photos do we get?
    Most of our packages are “Unlimited Shooting” unless otherwise specified. This basically says that every image that is usable after the initial culling g of removing duplicates, test shots, etc is beautifully retouched and delivered to you
  • How long does it take to receive the final gallery?
    boy we are fast! smaller shoots are usually delivered within a few days and larger jobs may take 2 weeks if that :)
  • How will I receive the images? Do I get a Print release?
    I deliver the images via online gallery (in which you will get a link & be able to download directly to your computer, tablet, or phone). I always recommend downloading them right away and backing them up. Galleries will be left up for 3 months. And yeppp- the print release is all yours. We don’t hold your images hostage and force you to print with us, we want you to print with us because we are your best option but allow our clients the option to do it on their own.
  • We are not Models and are awkward in Pictures… Will you help us?
    Wanna know a secret? 99% of the humans I work with feel this way in the beginning (I SWEAR you're not alone!). Most of us aren't supermodels and I certainly don't expect you to be. That is why you hire me, ya goof. It's MY job to make you feel comfortable and to direct you & guide you so that you feel relaxed & comfortable & confident. And so that the shoot starts to feel like you are truly just hanging out with your best friend(s). I pinky promise that by the end you will be having so much fun you barely realize a camera is pointed at you. Hold me to it. ;)
  • My kids are super wild, do you have experience with kids?"
    My theory for a successful family shoot is to let the kids be kids. Sure, we want to try & get one of everyone looking, but the shoot is much more relaxed & FUN when we don't make the kid(s) sit still for an entire hour. Let's let them run around & dance & spin & jump & find bugs & give snuggles & just be. a. kid. The photos will feel more genuine to who they are in that stage of life anyway. :) One little tip if you're still concerned would be to bring a toy or treat or blanket or whatever that thing is that brings them comfort. We're not against a little innocent bribery around here. Trust me, we have a 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old son.
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